Our Facilities


Saint Mark’s Institute is a Catholic Educational Institution guided by the fundamental laws of God and the ideal of St. Mark, the Evangelist. However, it does not deny entrance to students with other creed or religion because it believes in religious freedom although it follows all the Catholic practices. It also believes that for as long as we do what is pleasing to God and adhere to our Christian obligation to love one another, then we are all on the road to salvation.

As a Filipino school, SMI strives to inculcate in its students love of country, pride of being a Filipino and a sense of civic consciousness and social responsibility so that he/she is prepared to take part in a democratic society.

As a center of learning, SMI endeavors to maximize whatever helpful resources it can offer to students so that they can make high achievements in all of their intellectual pursuits and, thereby, enable them to participate actively and critically in the real world of work, cope with technological changes and the diversity of cultures and belief.  The SMI academic outlook believes that with their well-balanced intelligence and positive attitudes, students can better face keen competition and fit themselves to a constantly changing world.

As a school, its vision is to develop God-fearing individuals with self-discipline, adequate knowledge and social awareness to enable them to lead a fruitful life. It adheres to an open policy of admission but implements selective retention depending upon student’s overall evaluation of performance which must be within the purview of academic requirements and standard of behaviour and values.



Intermediate and High School Departments

As an institution of learning, the Intermediate and High School Departments and the Teaching Staff of Saint Mark’s Institute are absolutely committed to uphold and achieve the following objectives:

  1. To provide the student the most essentially adaptable instruction techniques with the end in view of creating an atmosphere of interesting, encouraging, friendly and enjoyable learning processes which will imbue the feeling of confidence in the immature minds and hearts of adolescents.


  1. To encourage students’ interest in the pursuit of vocational and technological skills and scientific ventures by providing the necessary information to keep abreast with technological advancements, and in the process strive to weed out the evil of indolence and complacency by instilling into the young minds the sanctity of honest living through labor.


  1. To continuously guide students by way of implanting deeply into their adolescent minds moral values and decency, awareness of community responsibilities like being law-abiding citizens, responsiveness, to community needs in keeping with the spirit of cooperativeness and harmonious interpersonal relationship.


  1. Strive to enrich the students’ lives through their learning experiences and above all seek God’s inspiration and guidance in the proliferation of spiritual growth among the students stressing as a fundamental root of human existence to live a life of absolute trust in God and all things good.