Under the context of the law, every school has a right to determine which applicants it shall accept for enrolment. It has a right to judge the fitness of students seeking admission and re-admission.

As SMI policy, however, admission is open to all pupils and students from other schools in any grade or year level who meet the standards, requirements and regulations specified as follows:


New enrolees shall be required to:

  1. Accomplish SMI Form 1 – Application for Admission, and submitting therewith the necessary basic requirements, namely:


  1. Clear Xerox copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Report Card (Form 138)
  3. 1×1 latest ID picture
  4. Certificate of Good Moral

Important: Form 1 must be accomplished properly and neatly with the name and signature of parent or authorized guardian.

  1. b) Take entrance examination. A schedule shall be arranged upon completion of the basic

As a prerequisite for interview, the aforementioned basic requirements must be met. Interview is conducted in the following manner:

  1. The admission Coordinator shall examine and evaluate the authenticity of documents considering that:


  1. His/Her grade in VALUES EDUCATION/GMRC or CONDUCT is not lower than 80%.
  2. His/Her general average should not also be lower than 80%.
  3. Students with general average of 85% and above are exempted from taking the entrance examination.
  4. First and Second Honors are to be given priority in admission and will be entitled to full and partial scholarship, respectively.


  1. The information gathered shall then be endorsed to and reviewed and evaluated by the Guidance Counselor, after which, the applicant shall be endorsed to the next interviewer – the Discipline Officer.


  1. The Discipline Officer shall read and explain to the student-applicant, the Rules and Regulations of the school, especially pertaining to the disciplinary measures, offenses and corresponding penalties. In the process of the interview he shall determine whether the student has some connections or if identified with undesirable organizations such as fraternities and the like. Following the results of the interview, he will note down his recommendations affixed with Form 1 and turn it back over to the Guidance Counselor.


  1. The Guidance Counselor notes down his final evaluation. With everything in their proper order, he endorses it back to the Admission Coordinator for final processing: payment of fees assigning of section, secure textbooks and segregation of documents for filing.